Friday, May 1, 2009

Letterpress? (Living Well)

Letterpress. Well, why even bother you ask. I mean, in flash you can type something, adjust it's size color, the path (or line ) it sits on, and then change the font style. Topping it all off- you can even print it from your computer. Wow! Yep, sit there and hit print ( sometimes you have to change the ink cartridge- or load the paper- ugh). For the most part our world has printed documents down to a science. It is quick, cheap, painless and available for the masses.

And impersonal.

Yep, it's like buying that quilt from Target- not sure who made it, it might not even be that great of quality. Maybe it was cheap, maybe we have become accustomed to it. We don't know who made it, we might not even know if it touched anyones hands.

Or maybe you bought bread from the Walmart bakery- or Wonderbread for that matter. When was the last time that you treated yourself to fresh baked bread? Entered the bakery, let all your senses be treated? The smell of fresh baked bread... The face of the baker in an apron dusted with flour... The way the warm bread felt in the paper bag..

The sensuous feel of good cotton paper in your hand. The embossing of the type on this paper. The smell of ink ( yes, you can smell it). The fact that the printer touched each piece, mixed the ink, and set the image. Every step was touched by an actual person. That is important.

That, to me, is part of living well...

Steps involved in letterpress

  1. Type locked up in chase.

  2. Mr.Henry inked in pink

  3. One card just printed

  4. A whole pile of "LIVE WELL" cards

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