Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stationary Stack

What do you get someone for a birthday when you own a press? Letterpress... Hopefully, family members don't get too bored with all the paper items that come towards them.
For some reason the idea of a nice little stack of paper ( with one's name printed on it) got me really excited. At first I thought that a cordinating ribbon tied neatly around the stack would be hot. Such a nice gift.
But after the family got together, this did become a family project with even the oldest son helping, and we actually had the stack sitting in front of us- it seemed that it now had a higher status. The beautiful stationary seemed naked- vulnerable. We worked so hard- it needed some protection. (Funny how you think of these things- because after they leave your hands it doesn't seem so much of a concern.)

At any rate, packaging became the focus of a saturday afternoon. While watching the kids jump on the trampoline and hunt for worms in the backyard- I sat on the back porch making a set of sliding boxes out of chipboard and then lining them with store bought paper. (In the back of my mind I was dreaming up papers for future boxes, next time.) But I think that the end result was great.

One small note- for the outside I decided to make a label. I dug deep into the old vintage type- the stuff that was rescued from the barn- the stuff in the old wooden Kelsey Meridian cabinet. I ended up setting a wonderful label- unfortunatly one of the fonts was damaged. Meaning, that I couldn't quite get a good impression; the engravers shaded had a few damaged letters.
Perfection- I suppose that most would not notice that too much pressure was used to get a impression- which led to some of the letters "squashing " a bit. Man, it irks me. Even worse- I didn't quited have an equivalent font to switch out... (I am currently on the marked for one of these wonderful fonts.) See if you can notice.

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