Monday, August 10, 2009

Something about the first day of school...
I have long since passed mine, even the days of college and teaching, but they still send that little tinge of excitement down my spine as I see our son load up and head out.
What must their anticipation be? Can you remember? Life and death hinging on your seating assignment in class- would you get the bully? (Maybe you were the bully?) Does the teacher have coffee breath? (I had this fear- and then ironically I was one of those)
"Do I have to read out loud today," losing teeth can alter speak.
The first whiff of the cafetiria hitting you- "hope there's good food today."
"Do I have everything, what if I forgot something?"
It wasn't all anxiety right? I was a worry wort- but still that's not fair to let all that stuff overshadow the good. Friends, comparing new shoes, who grew taller, laughing with someone your own age. Being around a group of kids that understood your jokes and laughed when your parents just smiled and nodded. Relief- I am free, "If I burp they will laugh..."
Ahh, yes, school.
And then the parents- pray you child gets a good teacher. After all, the curriculum of schools is more than math and science. The unwritten curriculum, the one passed from the teacher to the student: morals , beliefs and values. So important. Pray for those kids, and the teachers.
The little guy is not in kindergarten anymore, it's not as hard. Not like passing your sweet baby off and getting back a little monster. (Kids are sponges, and usually the things you least want then to suck up get absorbed.) (LIKE ARMPIT FARTS) But I still pray...
As we headed off for the bus stop, a little flutter in my stomach. Natural for a mother I guess.
The house will be a little (okay a great deal) quieter, and I might get some work done.
Letterpress and children, well not always a match.
Happy first day of school.

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