Monday, September 14, 2009

Le Creuset

As I get older, I realize that I really love cooking. I love fresh, yummy, healthy cooking. (Not to say that I do not chow down on Burger King once in awhile). I love chopping vegetables- home grown the better. I love hanging out in the kitchen listening to music while the garlic and onion saute. Consulting the recipes and adding a dash more of this or that, dancing around to some Amos Lee. Oh how sweet, how marvelous- how not as peaceful as I make it sound.
Actually, in reality- the boys are chasing each other through the kitchen, the dog is under my feet waiting for me to drop something (or being chased by the boys), yelling and screaming echos through the house and I am in the middle dodging projectile objects and redirecting rampant misbehavior. Two boys, peaceful cooking- it is not. (Yet, it is perfect and I wouldn't change it- except for the projectiles landing in the chili)
Oh and the music- we frequently cook to "Ten Little Indians" or whatever kids music we have on hand. (I have tried big band music too, that seems pretty safe. They enjoy it too, until it gets to the serenades or ballades.
At any rate, I love my Le Creuset pieces. A gift from my husband, I use them everyday- mostly. And hey, they are apple green! I wanted some new recipe cards that would sit well next to them. So the little lady was born.

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