Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween All!!!

Happy Halloween! 
 For all intents and purposes, our family looks upon this as a time to slip in a little creativity and fun.  A time to hit the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkins and create darling costumes for the little guys.
And as always, create some new coasters for the shop.  This year I wanted to make something  a little fanciful.  Last year my sketchbook was filled with ideas.  At one point I spent some time contemplating pointy boots with some old striped stockings.  Even though I wanted to create those they got put off to the side burner.  So this year I decided they were the ones.  Those sagging stockings and curved toes were going to come to life.

As far as the results, I couldn't be happier.  Being a lover of lines, I wanted something that really looked like it was hand drawn.   I whipped out the drawing tablet and worked a bit- referring to last years sketch.  And when I finally put them into the press, I must say that I smiled a bit at those witches shoes.

Then I printed up the tags and tied 'en up.

And then...

Well, they sat as I got extremely busy.  Neglected for a month and a half!  Everyday I would walk buy them and smile and say "tomorrow I will take your glamor shot."  Yet, these little guys sat around waiting for me to photo them and put them up.

Now as the pumpkin is roasting in the oven (to get turned into soup) and the kids are getting ready to go for their candy lap- Here I am putting these up.
So sad.
Oh well, next year. 

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