Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Trolley Tickets

The wonderful mother of the bride, Kathleen, contacted us a bit ago asking for a project I couldn't resist.  She wanted us to create trolley tickets for her daughters wedding.  Paper products of the unusual size intrigue me.  Additionally, the idea of something off beat was marvelous (I really enjoyed creating the drink tokens last year).  Ms. Kathleen asked us months ago, and a our busy schedule goes it go pushed aside for a bit (sometimes no matter how hard I try it seems impossible to get caught up).  With a gentle reminder and a bit of patience these little tickets made it to press, complete with a perforated ticket stub.

We perforated the ticket so that you could easily tear off the stub- it was so
much fun to perforate this extra thick paper...
In the background you can see the ink swatches that we create with each order, matching
it to the clients preference and to our Pantone book

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