Tuesday, November 17, 2009

100 Wells Campaign- Sudan-

Safe Water

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100 Wells Campaign

"100,000 people in Jaac, Sudan need clean water to survive. The devastating genocide in Darfur has forced refugees to resettle in rural desert areas like Jaac—desert areas where clean water simply doesn’t exist. Our goal is to build 100 wells to serve this community."

"Approximately 80% of sickness in Africa is related to bad water. In Darfur, perhaps more than anywhere on the planet, clean water is critical. Refugees are forced from their homes to live in the middle of a desert with no clean water. PPF has witnessed people dying of thirst with no access to clean water. Since 2006 we have built 36 wells. The Clean Water Project funds things such as wells, Water Purifiers, water bowsers and donkeys to transport fresh drinking water."

Wow- it is hard to imagine here in the States...

I basically print and sell items so that I can print more.  Printing is my hobby/buisness.  There isn't a day that goes by that I think how blessed I am.  Sometimes this makes me feel a little selfish...
 For awhile I have been wanting a way to contribute, to be able to send a little of the profit I make out somewhere.  There seems to be so many in need.  Where do you start?

I thought I would start by contributing 5% of my monthly etsy sales to the 100 Wells Campaign.  I know, it doesn't sound like much.  But when you read that $35 helps give water to a person for life, well $35 doesn't seem like much in comparison.  I think of my little guys and it makes my stomach turn to imagine them struggling to get clean water.

So a long story short- this is where our little press will start.  GO Mr. HENRY GO!!! Look for totals soon...
And pass it along- send out the info.

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Duni said...

We buy a special brand of water, where for each bottle sold, a certain percentage goes to fund wells in the most desolate areas of Africa.

Great post! Hope more people become active!