Sunday, November 22, 2009

Giveaway- Win Our Coasters

These coasters are so much fun!!! (I suppose I am a little biased)
Anyway- they are the perfect little package to slip into a stocking, give to a co-worker, or even hang from your ceiling and dance under.  (A little extreme I suppose...)

I thought we would make this a little fun! Contest ends December 1st.

a. Become a follower (my lonely blog would love your face on the sidebar!)
b. Edit my letterpress tag! (this is the fun part- see images below)
c. Pick a favorite from my etsy shop (let me know you did that)
d. All the above (get an entry for each)

Here are the tags that I printed.  They are handset type (meaning each letter is a little piece of lead with a letter on it.  The tag on the right has the mistakes.  This font is 8pt (Bernhard Gothic Light) and  one of my favorites.

Find The Mistakes (Hint- I believe there are only three)
Send me a comment and let me know what I messed up on!!!

Mr. Lincoln will give you an idea of the size we are working with.

And this is what it looks like- the back of the tag is on the bottom half.  At the time I printed the tags - I also started printing recipe tags.  So this picture illustrates the Recipe tag.  (to save time I printed both sides at once and then cut them.  Originally I thought I would be able to fold the tag at the bottom and save time- nope it looked ucky.)

Good luck- you've got lots of ways to win!  These are on sale in my etsy shop if you want more- we have other styles too!


The Soap Seduction said...

Ok, I'm a follower already..heehee

I love the calling cards! Very sleek:)

so that's 2 entries right??? I wanna win! I wanna win!

Becky said...

Hi! I found you through your fab Etsy shop. I adore the Very Mod calling cards, and the Retro flower cards, too!

I don't have Google friends so I can't follow you -- except in spirit..

Fjnally, prjnt, Ssar!

randomcreative said...

I love this greeting card. :)

momma sharp said...

Was searching for coasters on Etsy and fell in love with yours! The Halloween ones are TDF too!!