Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally- Coasters- A Light at the end of the Tunnel

I am almost reached the end of my stack of orders. (I can see the light!  That means I will have time for Shopping, Gingerbread Houses, Decorating, Cookies, searching out those hard to find gifts...)  Unfortuantly, I realized that I had one order that was in a color that I printed last night.  (Ugh!!  See- you can only print one color at a time, and cleaning the press is time consuming.  You have to clean all the rollers- the ink disk...  All of which takes time.  So when printing I line up the invoices by color- and try to print as much of one color as possible.  I MISSED ONE.  Wanna kich myself.
That and I am sick.  On the holiday rush...

See all the ink- it all has to be cleaned before you can print a new color

Anyway- I am gonna do the drawing for the little coasters.  Way over due--- guess I'll have to throw in something for the ladies.
Thanks gals- by the way.

1.the wonderful Soap Seduction
2.the wonderful Soap Seduction
3. Becky (who likes the Very Mod Callings cards)
4.Becky (who also pointed out that I need to have other ways for individuals to follow- working on the Facebook- sigh!!!)
5.Random Creative
8. Patricia
9. WilksOak Studio
10. Mamma Sharp

And- there was only one person that seemed to do my "proofing" for me.  If she could resend/ contact me that would be great.

NUMBER 5!  Congrats- after the long wait.  Coasters are yours...

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The Soap Seduction said...

Congrats to the winner! I'm off to check out the Calling Cards:)