Saturday, December 5, 2009


(That counter keeps going and going)

WOW! I am taking a break.  But it feels like I have been printing non-stop.  That is a good thing, but I am tired.  I have declared that tomorrow will be NO LETTERPRESS.  And that feels and sounds pretty good!!!
Not that I am complaining.  But it will be nice to play with the boys.  Put up the Christmas tree.  Cook a good meal.  And spend a day without ink on my hands.  Maybe knit some (yep, I dream about knitting almost as much as printing and drawing- some sort of sickness I suppose)

Tomorrow I will also announce the winner to the give away.  (Which was supposed to me on the 1st- but of course that was when I walked into a wall of orders.)
Have patience dear friends.


I was very excited that one of my little handbound letterpress books made it on an etsy treasury.  (I happen to really like them.  But I am one of those people that has tons of sketchbooks around.) These little sketchbooks were completely handmade (except for the cotton paper) cut, folded, stiched and glue all by my busy hands.

At any rate, it looks like my little sketchbook was in good company.

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