Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When we start a custom project I am always interested in the people that we get to work with.  Perhaps this is one of the best parts about being a small letterpress; we get to give them the attention that they need. Each client has their own unique personalities and tastes. This is especially important with custom work.  You have to figure out what they really want and what they need their design to convey.
Maybe that's why  I spent an evening altering the Boston terriers profile to fit Miss Julie's terrier.  (Or maybe I liked the spunk she had to send photos of her little guy without reservations!)  Or secretly I was thinking our next move will sport coasters announcing a new address!!!

At any rate, I loved her coasters.  The back contained their new address and made a tight little design package.  And yes, it is pink.

the little guy himself

the final product hot off the press- notice the ink disk in the background

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Boston Terrier said...

The coasters are beautiful in pink and the dog is cute. I've read from that Boston Terriers are a cuddly breed and they are gentle, well-mannered and alert. No wonder, Miss Julie loves her Boston Terrier that she wants its image on the coasters.