Friday, October 16, 2009

Package Me Pretty

You know- I thought about it.  And I thought. And thought. I wanted packaging to be something special.  I wanted it to be personal.  I didn't want it to be wrapped in some generic piece of plastic.
   That is what is so great about selling stuff on etsy.  I CAN make it personal.  I attach peoples names to their item, not a number (we have them- but I am horrible with numbers!).  I get to sign a little card (letterpress of course) and tuck it in.  I can adorn their packages with simple stuff- coordinating ribbon, matching tissue paper, and other little surprises.  Yummy!
 I remember the first time I ordered something on etsy.  I got a great little package- stuff just kept falling out of it.  Wow, this is great!  It is soo cool to recieve these things.  Neat little things.  Little surprises.  Just like when you were a kid getting mail.

That is what I want my packages to be like.  I want the reciever to open it and feel the excitement of getting something addressed to you- then opening it; even better.  I want people to remember not just the great handprinted letterpress- but the way it arrived.
Presents in the mailbox.  Why not?  I mean- isn't that what buying handmade should be?  Personal- exciting- quality?  Fun!  It should be fun!
(Of course- I love, love, love to wrap stuff up.  I like to try and imagine what their faces will look like.)
So for now- gotta go wrap a few more things.
(And if you buy something- let me know how you like your wrappings!)


Anita said...

It was great to meet you today, and thank you so much for the goodies. I do love the packaging - so much fun.

Duni said...

I love pretty packaging. Those ribbons are so nice!