Thursday, October 22, 2009

Those Little Imaginations, Letterpress

If you have ever spent time with a preschooler you know they are exceptionally wonderous little people.  They are curious, explorative, unpredictable, loving, cuddly and imaginative.  I love the last quality.  Their imagination is amazing; it has yet to be squashed by this grown-up world we live in.  Their imaginations are so vibrant that you wonder where the line between imagination and the "real" world lies.  Sometimes I hear my little guy in the other room dreaming up fantastic scenarios (usually battles since he has an older brother).  Sound effects narrate these epic battles as his little body moves around the room.  I always have to smile.
   Adding to this imaginative quality is their ability to really vocalize now.  They have developed a vocabulary that helps them share their little make believe worlds.  Spending time listening to your little one is priceless.  Jump in to their world for a little bit.
   This all leads to a new letterpress line that I have been working on- The Super Fantastic Star Blaster Rocket Ship- whew I said it.  "It has to have a long title"- that you can give credit to my husband.  He is right.
The origins of all this...
Well, we were getting our little one prepped for the first day of pre-k.  We were preparing him for the inital drop off, what to expect during the day, his teachers name, he would have the most fun ever, his class  would be filled with new friends, that we would pick him and bring him home....
   Maybe I was starting to sound like the mom from Charlie Brown ,"wa wa wa wa, blah blah blah."
   My little guy listened to me and then said "Mom, meee gonna ride mine rocket ship when I out skoool.  Me gonna go to the moon."
   "Oh", I said. In those few lines I knew that he was gonna be okay.  His little hand was blasting off in the back seat- racing to the moon.

After I dropped him off I started drawing rocket ships and thought about our little guy going to the moon.  How wonderful are their first years.  The world is so big and colorful for them to explore.  I wonder what he will do next, in his imagination world.

The Super Fantastic Star Blaster Rocket Ship Stationary-
hand printed on 100% cotton paper.  So much fun. 
(Embracing Childhood)

Hold their little hands while you can, they grow quick.

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