Monday, March 1, 2010

1500 Coasters


1500 coasters is a formidable pile of paper.  15 stacks of 100 paper coasters.  
It all started with my friends moving party.  I talked her into the coasters because I thought they would be a challenge to design and print.  The result (for my animal loving friend) was a way too cute lab, in bright fushia.

  Yes, Rush (the labs name) stole my heart.  And began my odessy with coasters.
Before I could step up to the press I had to locate the coasters to print on.  Easy enough I thought.  Well, as it turns out, you can either by a few for way lots of money OR you can get 1500 for pretty cheap.
1500 coasters!!!! What was I going to do with enough coasters to build a dog house?  
Ha! 5 months later I placed my second order for 1500 coasters.  Turns out, coasters are a hot item. 
This posting is a look at some of those coasters that started coaster mania at Vermilion Star Press.
Note: printing on a circle takes a little care and practice.  Registration is a challenge- But hey, those 4" circles are hot.
 Simple and elegant, I received a request for this coaster.  Script reading "coup de foudre" (which is basically love at first sight in French-) and the location in a wonderful chocolate brown graced this coaster.

Vegas, anyone?  Sweet Roeanne from Guam needed some coasters delivered to the resort for her wedding. She requested something in yellow and navy blue.  She also needed a swanky font that fit the mood of a Vegas wedding.  (Here I would like to say that it is so interesting to work with people from all over!)

Okay, Halloween.  How could I resist?  These were mainly for fun.  A set witches printed in purple, green and orange paired with a couple of  pumpkin coasters.

Julia contacted me with a design pretty much already laid out.  In fact, she sent a cute rough sketch for me to check out.  A little fine tuning, selection of related fonts and we were pretty much in buisness.  On a print like this, it is always a little bit of a challenge to get the solid areas to print well without the smaller font/areas filling in.

 Martinis anyone?  The challenge was to create a coaster that would convey a clear message but still be stylish enough for the event.

A ton of Christmas coasters!

And then there was the coaster that we printed for Stephanie and Kelly.  Which in itself deserves it's own blog posting.
Why you ask?  Well, each color is printed seperatly.  Lined up precisely.  This coaster was front and back.  Three colors on the front and two colors on the back.  hmmm.  Yes, that means that each coaster was ran through the press 5 times!!!!

Okay, again the weakness for the marvelous color.  Another sweet dog lover contacted us for coasters.  Julie will get her own posting as well- because she sent great photos of her boston terrier.  Her new address and contact info is on the reverse making it great to sent off in the mail!!!

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